Looking for Marketing data in Latin America? You better read this

When looking for data for your marketing campaign, where would you look for?


It depends on the type of data you are trying to collect to achieve your marketing objectives:

  • You might be looking for data to achieve market penetration in a new market.
  • You might be looking for consumer data or business data.
  • You might be looking for consumer emails data for your email campaign
  • You might be looking for business contact names data to offer your product.

How do you know where to find this data and how do you know if the data comes from a trusted source that follows country legal regulations to collect it?

If you want to start a marketing campaign in Latin America, and you need to get consumer or business data, you can find several companies, data providers, that follow the applicable law in their home countries.

Every data provider offers similar, but not the same, type of data.  They collect data from different sources and offer different data element coverage.

They also offer different services, like data hygiene, data enrichment, credit scoring, email marketing, telemarketing, prospecting, geo-prospecting, among others.

Some are global and very well known like Experian, a company that is based in several countries in Latin America and offers similar services among those countries (each country has its own particular constraints), while others are local but very well known in their own countries.

If you are looking for some references, in country DMA (Direct Marketing Association), AMDIA (Argentinian Interactive, direct Marketing Association), DIRECTA (Mexican Direct Marketing Association), are good sources to review.

It is important to consider that you might need to work with more than one data provider to meet all your marketing data needs.

It is also important to know that you would need to communicate in Spanish since not all of them would have someone to communicate with you in English.  You also need to consider the cultural nuances for each country you are interested in contact, even to make business, as every country has its own peculiarity.

My recommendation is to work with someone local to help you address with Spanish communication as well as cultural and business local knowledge.


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