Spanish / English words you already know

Crisis, is that a Spanish or English word?

Actually is both.

Spanish and English shares hundreds of words that are the same and you already know them.  These words are called COGNATES and they sound similar, have similar spelling and have the same meaning in the two languages.

Take a look at these words:

English     |  Spanish

Telephone   |  Teléfono

Actor            |    Actor

Person         |  Persona

Culture        |   Cultura

Invite           |   Invitar

Some words are exactly the same and some aren’t but the difference is little, and there you have, 5 easy words you already know and that you won´t forget.

Yes, of course, it’s easier to remember the ones that are exactly the same, like panorama, natural, radical, among others (don’t forget that the pronunciation changes).  But the rest of them are not that difficult to remember, you just need some practice in front of the mirror or with a partner.

In this video, you will find more words, will learn the rules that apply and will listen to their pronunciation (pronunciación).

Find a longer list of words here: The most useful Spanish cognates.


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